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[Cascade] Doing a magic projectile

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    [Cascade] Doing a magic projectile

    I watched some 3dbuzz videos and read the cascade documentation in order to do my magic missile spell.

    The particles are kind of easy to do, I'm not expecting something amazing since I'm a newbie, but they are pretty :3
    I'm having problems with the core for the spell, it's shouldn't be a particle and spawn continually, but instead be kind of a animated energy ball.

    So, anyone knows how to make an animated core that follows the particle system location?

    Pictures for reference:

    Thanks in advance

    i'm probley wrong about this but i would make your spell a weapon class and the effect a projectile
    take a look at the shock rilfe altfire effect


      I think geodav is on the right track. In addition, particles do not have to be continually spawning. You can create one emitter in the particle system with a spawn rate of 1 and set the lifetime to 0. That will cause it to spawn a single particle that lasts as long as the particle system is alive.


        Oh, the spell is already ready:
        It's just using those rockets instead of the particle.

        I was also having problems to make just one particle spawn and don't die or go away.
        But I looked at others particle system and solved that.

        My biggest issue is, how do I add that particle to my actor?
        I'm not sure if the particle that is not being spawned continually will follow the missile trajectory, but I first need to test it before.

        Edit: I'm trying to attach it to my actor, without success...

        	Begin Object Class=ParticleSystemComponent Name=MyParticleSystem
        	End Object
        Edit2: What the hell, the game just deleted my package...

        Edit3: Got the particle to show, but since there is no "core" it seems like I'm shooting smoke.
        I couldn't get something to stay in the middle and be the core.

        Any help?


          I watched some 3dbuzz videos and read the cascade documentation in order to do my magic missile spell.
          where did you find that? I've looked on 3dbuzz for it, but can't find it....


   has a MMO ice spell for cascade tut check those out.