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Fog AA Problem

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  • Fog AA Problem

    Do you know what's going on with my fog ?
    when I point to some where in the sky that no static mesh is nearby,Anti aliasing doesn't work you can see in this image :

    Thanks for your help...

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    same happens to me .. I think its caused by the CalcHalfresolutiondepth(float2 ScreenUV) wich udk implented to make fog.. actually change the values in common.usf


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      Thanks for reply

      Is there any way to fix this ?


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        I should point out that there is no anti-aliasing in UDK to start with, although I can't recall how to solve this particular problem.


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          That's not really true...

          There's AntiAliasing in UDK... but you need to turn DX10 and Antialiasing on in the INI files... and your framerate drops to basically nothing.

          Still doesn't antialias everything properly...... it has trouble with Antialiasing over layers of large HDR intensity differences. That might be what's going on with your "fog".

          Keep in mind that "forcing antialiasing" in your videocard drivers are hacks. They are not supported methods of antialiasing... they just mostly work. The UDK way is real... but not really all to effective (which is likely why it's *off* by default).