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PhysX Destructible not working after falling

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    PhysX Destructible not working after falling

    I have taken a couple of simple static meshes to test the destructibility in UDK and I'm having a problem.

    For instance I have a pipe, it's properly sliced up and converted to a PhysX Destructible. The first shot at the pipe will cause a slice to break off and fly away. The tube gets blown back a bit by the impact.

    After this blow back nothing will break anymore, the bullets won't even 'touch' the pipe but just pass through it and hit the floor.

    How can I keep it destructible?

    the problem is that you dont have a base in your destructable mesh, when you are creating the destructable mesh, select the bottom with a special botton and asign support chunk, and it will be OK.

    good luck!


      After the latest update of UDK the option to make fractured chunks into PhysX objects has now been removed. As a result when I'm in-game the fracturing static mesh creates chunks that cannot be interacted, have no dynamic shadows and provide no collision.

      How can I create chunks that retain these properties?



        you cant just wait until october release for the APEX


          I would suggest using the -08 version it's the most latest stable build for complex physx destructibles, and I found out the destructibles were bugged from the beginning , if you look on the udn unreal development network for destructibles you can see the drawbacks but I found good ways around this, even though they are a bit expensive.

          that is a tutorial for making proper destructibles that are not bugged , it took me awhile to find the lines that are actually left out from the beginning !