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    Graphics Cards

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a sound engineer from the UK and I'm looking to upgrade my sound card, I'm afraid I'm not very clued up on the technicalities of Gpu's

    Can anyone out there give me a leg up in looking for a new Gpu?

    I would like to know.

    ATI or nvidea which has less problems with udk?
    Can anyone suggest a unit for £200~£300?


    Which are you trying to upgrade?
    Your sound-card or your graphics-card? =/


      I got my Nvidia 9800 for under 75 dollars. And Im pretty sure the £ is doing better than the $ right now! haha. I think you can probably get a good one farely inexpensive. I also got a warranty on mine. Im glad I did to because my Nvidia got shot so I sent it in and got a new one for free. I know both will work great with UDK so i would just check up online and read articles on which one is more effecient and different costs





          I'm currently running on 1Gb GeForce 9800 GTs - they presently handle the engine just fine. It may prove to be a more sound investment to look at something like a GTX260 or higher model.


            Thanks everyone, that's given me a leg up!

            Might have made a bit of a typo on my first post, definitely want update my graphics card. Haha

            Really grateful,

            Separatist Audio


              Seperatist; go for either the GTX 460 (1gb prefered) or any of the ATI HD57** /HD58** series


                gtx 460 is a solid pick

                at the moment the best card you can get for under 200$ would be the 460GTX 1GB. the HAwk version is very good, as is the Gigabyte version with two fans.

                they are cool and quiet, and do not hae too much of a powerload,
                being a deeloper (i hate to say this) you are probably best off with nvidia,
                as they have physx and cuda.
                normall just pick the fastest card for the money, but if you are developing games...
                nvidia has just got a slightl more solid base.

                do not need that then Ati's 5850 is a solid choice, and faster.
                but it is incompatible with physx which you might need.

                so the gtx 460 1GB hawk would be my pick. (or the gigabyte)
                if you do not have that kind of money,
                go for the 768 mb version, it can be had for as low as 150$

                need something even cheaper, go for the ati 5770

                good luck hunting


                  Thanks very much guys, a few extra choices there! this is great!

                  I'm not developing games as such I need something solid and reliable enough to demo some interesting audio scenarios. so my worlds don't need to be super accurate with regards to graphics, just good enough so that my audio show reel looks professional.

                  Much appreciated!



                    freek 3d is right , your best bet would be the gtx 460 . It is the most bang for your buck , it has over 330 cuda cores which is a lot . nvidia cores are over three times more powerful than ati cores , which is about equivalent to a ati card with 1020 - 1200 stream processors. Do not get anything less than a nvidia gt 9600 gt or ati hd 4670 and gtx 240 . Those three cards has about the same performance , the 9600 gt has a little better performance than the other two but not that noticeable . You should find all three of them for less than 90 dollars each .


                      460 GTX is the Price to Performance match right now. Excluding sales or promos