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CUDA (or Tesla) support

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    CUDA (or Tesla) support

    Is there any support or will there be support for Nvidia's Tesla cards?

    It just doesn't make sense that UDK is rendering using only CPU power while Graphics Cards (especially Tesla's) provide MUCH more processing power.

    Let me give you an example, I currently have a PC with an i7-920 (stock speeds) and 2 gtx285's in SLI.

    The i7 has a processing power of around 65 gflops.
    A gtx285 has a processing power of around 550 gflops.

    Since I have 2 gtx285's, and comparing that power to the one of my i7, my rendering time could go around 20x faster! That would be if the UDK supports CUDA, and using a Tesla card it would be even faster.

    Please note that the above calculations are very rough estimates, but it does give you something to think about...

    I really hope I'm misinterpreting what you are saying but I have to ask this anyway.

    Are you suggesting that UDK uses a software renderer? If so, you are exceptionally wrong. UDK implements their renderer to make use of modern GPUs like your gtx 285. CUDA is just an architecture devloped by Nvidia to make using the GPU for computing easier []. Just because something doesn't use CUDA doesn't mean its not using the GPU for rendering. If UDK used only your i7 for rendering, you wouldnt be able to do much with it.