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How easy/hard would it be to create special characters? (text)

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    Well, in earlier engine builds you could have drawn something of your choice onto the Canvas, using a HUDOverlay's Render(Canvas C) function, for example a (part of a) texture:

    And then you just move the "cursor" for drawing a bit to the right and write the text next to it.

    But I am not sure if there isn't a better way to do it in the UDK now, or if that old method still exists after all.

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  • How easy/hard would it be to create special characters? (text)

    First of all, let me mention that at this point I'm not *actually* building anything, I'm just going over my options to try to figure out what I can do. (As in, me personally.)

    I was wondering how easy or hard it might be to display special characters in any displayed text.

    What I'm considering at this moment is if I were to create an RPG, I would want special characters or symbols to use in association with items. For example if a player finds a new helmet, instead of saying "You found an iron helmet!" it could actually display a symbol for a helmet instead, so it would look like "(helm) iron"
    Okay, it doesn't sound very important for a text box, but it would be how I would want it to appear in the player's inventory.
    I would ideally want a vast array of items with unique symbols, so I could differentiate a wide array of weapon types at the very least.

    And to be honest, this isn't something I could limit just to an RPG, but to all sorts of different types of games in all sorts of different situations. The RPG inventory just seems to be the most demanding and involved.

    So I'm just wondering how much work would it take to implement something like this? Is it something already ready to go? Is it something a few strokes away from being complete? Is it something that would require me to overhaul the text functions? Would it be fairly simple in some situations but greatly difficult in others? (Perhaps easy to do in a text box but challenging to get an inventory name to appear that way?)

    Certainly there would be a lot of variables to consider, but I am hoping that those wiser than myself might at least give me some heads up on such things. It is always easier to build around a problem than into one.