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UDK Eye Material/Shader

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    V8matey, just wanted to say that you have an eye for eyes, it looks great!
    I also had a related question, didn't feel it needed it's own thread and maybe you guys could shed some light on it.
    Is it absolutely necessary to have all the polygons of the entire eye ball? Even if it's going to be animated, is it not okay to have the ones that wont ever see the light of day deleted? I often see that the entire ball is modeled even when the back clearly won't be visible.. for instance Epic has them in Samaritan

    Also, I like that yours has the part of the optic nerve in there, do you plan on having your eyes able to be--- gouged/popped out?


      Hey, I know I'm sort of new around here but I think might have something that might help you.

      A while back when Half-Life 2 was coming out I recall reading an article on how they made their characters so realistic looking. One of the major factors they listed was that Valve did some very different things with the eye. They pointed out that most eyes in games up to that point would place perfect spheres in the character's head then have them turn in perfect unison. That isn't at all how real eyes are. In real life, eyes are oblong, not spherical "ping-pong balls", and the eyes actually cross at all times, not look in a parallel direction. What valve did was designate a primary/strong eye that would target the focal point, then have the other eye meet the focal point and cross (just like they do in real life). Of course the crossing is so slight that it isn't always noticeable.

      Anyway, I thought that was interesting, and I thought it might be relevant to you.


        Heres a side view.

        Hey all thanks for the comments..
        I am aiming to do something that HL-2 did with the eyes. I'm going to try and add a bone "gizmo" on my udk new custom rigging in 3dmax where the eye is supposes to be.
        So when ingame the eye mesh aims / rotates at the player within a certain radius of you being close to the npc or whatever using the eye mesh.

        Also wanted to show ya the side view as my eyes are not spherical. Took about 20 minutes finding pictures off google then adjusting them tomy model.
        As for the optic nerve and it being all modeled is because it will be used as a gibbed mesh, for a head shot whatever. I can spawn a particle emitter from the eyeball bone socket on the rigging.
        I decided to make it a whole eye model so it can be used for other stuff. Say a bigger alien with a bigger eye with a different texture etc.
        But also I find the shading smoothing groups looks better on a closed model then one thats sliced in half, and also helps with models that cast self shadows.


          Download link is here

          You are free to use this model and materials by any method necessary, but please give credit to me..
          Thank you


            This is clearly an outstanding work ! Is it possible to have those files uploaded back ?!