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Add serials to game setup file?

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    Add serials to game setup file?

    I cooked and packaged my game, so I have the installer. But I want it to ask for a serial, like if you install a normal game you buy in stores. So you start the installer and you have to type in a serial (e.g. 123L-456O-789L) before it will install the game.
    How do I do this?

    anyone? is this possible or do i need an extra program for this?


      Either create your own.
      Or license existing DRM.


        so there's no program or UDK way to add serials..$"%!#...well, i don't need real serials, i just need something like a file with password protection and different possible that possible with a program or with udk?


          Instead of doing this in the installation process, you can try to do it in game using a local validation or online user accounts like starcraft 2. There are the steps:

          When you start the game you can check for a concrete file in the installation path with registration info or in the windows reg.

          If that info doesn't exist it means that the game is not registred yet, so the game must ask to player for the CD-Key, with the option of validate or exit, the player can't proceed without a correct CD-Key.

          When the player enters a key you have a couple of options:

          - A free solution is validate it with an algorithm that is packed into the game, this is less secure because your cd-key algormithm can be hacked and a "key generator" can be created.

          - The same but validating the key online with TCPLink, this saves your algorithm but requires the manteinance of an online server.

          - Instead of validate the key online create user accounts system and force users to login first, this is the starcraft 2 way and one of the most effective ways because no registration info is saved in local pc, so this can't be copied to crack the game. And you can detect when a player is playing your game to prevent that 2 players use the same account/CD-key due to a CD-Key can't be used to register 2 accounts.

          - An hybrid and cheapest method is the Diablo II method, where the cd-key is saved in local but is checked every time a player connects online, you can force this check every time the game runs but this require an online connection even if the game is not online (single player). This have the same effect as the account system due to two cd-keys can't be playing at the same time and saves you to create an user account system.