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Some questions before I dive in too deep.

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    Some questions before I dive in too deep.

    I've been working on a game design for a very long time (as in, over a decade)... I've had nothing but trouble finding a proper engine and development toolkit that will handle all of my needs. I've found a few engines that I like, but they lack the proper middleware, or there are kits out there with good middleware, but the engine has limitations on what can be done that would make it so I can't make my game the way I want.

    I've been looking at UDK for the past few days, and watching the tutorials, and I have a few questions...

    1) I want to do seamless large-world stuff. I don't want loading screens, or "zones" (like original Everquest had)... I want the user to be able to walk around vast outdoor spaces without any loading screens. Is this possible?

    2) I haven't found anything regarding custom keybinding... I'm fairly certain it's doable, but I want to make sure.

    3) Unreal itself is a 1st person game... is it possible to do a 3rd person view, like with the camera following the player?

    4) The UI tools are fantastic... but I'm concerned again about the 1st person nature of things... Is it possible to have a UI HUD type of thing that you can interact with (using the mouse) while still moving around in the game with the keyboard?

    That's all for now, but I may ask further questions...

    Thanks in advance!

    1) Not sure, but probably, with level streaming.
    2) It's possible, but you need to learn UnrealScript, it's not done in Kismet or any in-editor tools.
    3) Yes! In fact one of the 3D Buzz video tutorials shows you how to make a top-down perspective game, and there are quite a few tutorials on the forum that show you how to make a 3rd person camera like Gears of War.
    4) With proper knowledge of Flash, Scaleform, ActionScript and UnrealScript, it's absolutely possible.


      Thanks for the prompt reply!

      I had seen one forum thread on level streaming... so that was only a minor concern.

      Regarding #4... does it require Flash?

      I'm talking about UI scenes (that don't pause the game) as overlays on the screen... in combination with the custom keybinding... like, if you click the game field, you can mousepick or move with the mouse, but if you click the UI, it activates the UI functions, etc...


        The UIScene system has been replaced with ScaleForm which is an implementation of Flash/ActionScript. Lord of the Rings Online's UI is done in ScaleForm, you should take a look at that to see what is possible, with dedicated work


          As far as I know, UI scenes have been taken out of the later versions of the UDK when Scaleform was implemented. And it doesn't necessarily require flash, as I'm sure there are some open source or free .swf editors out there.

          As far as I've seen, there's not much that UDK can't do, but it takes time for the more advanced stuff.


            Much of the user's interaction with the game will be via the UI... so it's very important to me to get the UI stuff down, and understand how it works.

            I mean, it's so important to me that I created a UI system for another engine (Truevision3D), just to make sure I got the UI functionality I wanted.

            I'll look in to this Scaleform thing... thanks.


              the deepening..


                I just found the Scaleform video tutorials, and it seems to be something other than what I was looking for. I'm not sure, but it seems that Scaleform was being used for in-game (on mesh) UIs and such... when all I'm really looking for is a screen overlay type of UI.

                Is the UI Editor as described here:
                the one that I would use for such a thing? Or is it deprecated?


                  I think that's deprecated, looks like the old UIScene editor


                    Screenshots of games using Scaleform.


                    It can do pretty much everything ever.


                      Ooooh, another question.

                      What about networking, and a game server? Can anyone point me to where to learn about how this works?


                        Originally posted by EagleEye View Post
                        Ooooh, another question.

                        What about networking, and a game server? Can anyone point me to where to learn about how this works?
                        nevermind, I found it.