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DllBind with a dll containing tthreads

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    DllBind with a dll containing tthreads

    I just realised I had posted it in the wrong category (UT3). So, hhere it is and sory for the mistake.


    I have to develop some external dllls that we bind to our game with DllBind.

    I am able to write external classes in C++ and access their functions with no problem.

    Recently, I had to develop a Dll that contains a thread doing communication. This Dll works also fine when I test it with a single level map, but when I start the full game contains also the choices of maps/levels, it crashes. In fact, it calls DetachFromprocess in dllmain.cpp.

    When I run it, the logs show m that my thread starts and works for awhile when I start the game untill the menu is loaded.

    I am not the person who has created the maps and I know very little about scripts and Unreal Kismet. I am a C++ programmer.

    I am looking for any clue that could help me.

    Should look on the side of scripts or Kismet ?

    Also, I have remarked that the game starts as a team game. It sounds not really appropriate and I suspect it might responsible.

    Thanks and regards !

    You can't do anything about how the engine calls the DllBind functions. Maybe you shouldn't run a thread from the DLL, but instead move that work to a separate process which your DllBind functions communicate with. That way you could be independent from level changes etc.


      Is the GameInfo class reinitialised every time we change level ?

      I can't believe there is nott a class wherre my DllBind would not be permanent.


        Yes, at map change everything is reinitialized.


          I set up my DLLBind class to be instanced in the GameViewportClient class.


            Originally posted by Wraiyth View Post
            I set up my DLLBind class to be instanced in the GameViewportClient class.
            Thank you for the hint.

            Can I have more information on it ?

            Where do I associate this GameViewportClient class with my class ?

            I need some more details.