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Unreal Units?

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    Unreal Units?

    I dont know if I searched well enough, but was just wondering the conversion of UU's to Meters. Im sure this has been asked quite a bit before, but as I said, I probably didnt search well enough.

    Thanks in advance

    An UU is as many meters as you want. It really just depends on how large you make your models and levels.


      I believe this should answer your question exactly.

      That being said, as Wormbo pointed out it's really up to you what scale you wish to use - all you have to do is adjust your values for mesh scaling, eye height, crouch height, etc... accordingly.

      Personally I'll go with the 1 cm = 1 UU simply because I'm used to the metric system, and it'll carry over 1:1 from 3ds Max.


        Wow, Awesome. Thank you both for your quick replies and help. I do appreciate it much. I figured there was a standard, but that is good to see that it can be changed if need be.


          Also depends on the maximal size of your level.

          As far as I know, Unreal Engine's floating point values have 2-3 decimal places up to a value of ±100000 (or did I forgot one more 0?). The Location variable of objects also uses float values, but that gives you a problem when parts of your level are further away from the origin of the map than ±100000 grid units because there won't be enough decimal places left to allow an "unjumpy" movement of the characters.

          You won't notice the effect with static objects behind that line, but dynamic objects will probably appear jumpy. So if you are going for really really large environments then you might prefer to use more cm per UU.
          *I got this information from the Worm*

          I think I would stick to the UT-style, it's just already in my mind that characters are 88 units tall.