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    Can't find ANYTHING!

    I have a large map now with a LOT of assets in it and I've needed to go in and do some general cleanup. I cannot for the life of me find a single particular static object, fluid surface actor, physics volume, pp volume or interpactor. The reason is that they're all just named StaticMeshActor_689, FluidSurfaceActor_8 and InterpActor_34 when I hit the binoculars.

    If I want to select a fluidsurfaceactor that has a PPVolume, WaterVolume and a PhysicsVolume which are in the same location, I have no way of doing this. My wireframe views are absolutely chock full and impossible to visually distinguish. I can't just drag an area around it because I select about 200 other objects. I have multiple areas where I'm using these assets in combination and the asset list has them COMPLETELY spread all over the place with mere ID #'s to distinguish which is which. I can't sort my list by which is which because they're all named the SAME THING!

    I mean, why isn't everybody on this planet all named Human Being?

    I have to select the ENTIRE level's assets around this area and hide them. Let me just say that this operation takes over 20 minutes as it's about 13 minutes to get the selection of 700 objects to actually take hold and another good 10-(god really knows how long this is gonna take because I'm doing it right now, it's just frozen) minutes to actually have it hide. I can then select these objects fine but it takes another god knows how many minutes to unhide them all.

    Why on earth can we not name our assets in the editor? Why does it come in as "StaticMesh_###" when there's potentially hundreds and often thousands of staticmeshes in the game? This absolutely drives me up the wall and it's gotten to the point where it's taken me 3 days of trying, giving up, quitting, screaming, kicking, yelling, smoking and taking naps to try and get past it.

    I could very well just select each object individually and move them, but this presents another couple of issues to get around. First, it's next to impossible to select a volume in this editor without zooming in to a micron. Second, I have to open each's properties and lock the windows in order to copy/paste the locations across all of the assets. Yes, I admit this takes a lot less time than 40 minutes or so to hide everything, but is it truly and honestly too much to ask to give me a quick way to select all of them at once?

    If these were named "PhysicsVolume_18(Pool_PhysVol)" and "FluidSurfaceActor_8(Pool_Fluid)" and "PostProcessVolume(Pool_PP)" and "WaterVolume_18(Pool_WaterVol)" and I could hit the binoculars and type in "Pool" and have only those 4 objects show up on my list and then be able to highlight all of those objects on the list and hit a button that says "SELECT" instead of "GO TO" and NOT have it move my camera someplace where I'm no longer lined up, I would be the happiest game maker on the planet right about now.

    I know this is more of a rant than a request, but it's not like I'm being unfair. Yes, I'm irritated, but that's because this drives me nuts and I think it's easily fixable. I would HAPPILY spend 5 hours renaming everything in my game if it could save me these all important minutes and the reason is simple. It's often hard to gain the motivation to do these things and when the mood strikes and you hit a brick wall that's essentially stupid in all regards, you lose that really quickly. This is one of those things to me that's stupid in the first place and really easy to correct. I hope something happens soon to let us more easily manage large worlds that are filled with up to a thousand assets.

    Have you tried using groups?


      Grouping really doesn't cut it. I've been annoyed with this as well, and tried using tags, but they dont seem to show up anywhere except on the actor itself, so useless for identification.


        I know this is more of a rant than a request, but it's not like I'm being unfair. Yes, I'm irritated, but that's because this drives me nuts and I think it's easily fixable.
        i agree entierly. its hugely annoying when making large environments. the work-around ive been using is streaming levels, and having each "larger" secion on a new level but this aint really a fix