Hi all ,

I'm new to UDK and have followed a few tutorials but am unsure about how to best go about making the change I'd like, using the Unreal system.

Basically, I want to make the player move a lot slower (i.e. a slow walking pace). I'd also like the player to rotate left and right based on the <- and -> arrow keys (instead of the mouse). Stylistically, I'm thinking in the vein of classic resident evil games.

Does anyone know the best way to go about making these changes in UDK? Is there some place within the editor I can change this kind of stuff? Or should I use kismet somehow? Or would I need to change some unreal script classes - if so what class would be appropriate to change?

I have some programming experience so I'm not asking for anyone to write any code for me. I'm just not sure of the Unreal way of doing things!

Thanks a lot,