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Question: Plugins/Addons for UnrealEd

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    Question: Plugins/Addons for UnrealEd

    Referring to this discussion:

    I am software developer and wonder if it is possible to create plugins or UnrealScript addons to be used in UnrealEd. This comes up into my mind, when I think of a Road/River tool for UnrealEd (improving the terrain tool, initiated by the thread linked above).

    Many other engines provide some kind of tools in there editors to easy set up a spline and modify the terrain structure with a small script.

    I would like to do such kind of script/plugin if it is possible.

    Kind regards

    The only type of add-on you can create without access to native code are brush builders. The only other option would be external tools that somehow communicate with the editor, like eGo's Extended Toolbar.