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    Custom Game project for Study

    Hello. It's been awhile since i've posted on here but the unreal engine always gets me back some how.
    Well any way i'm doing a 3d animation course at the moment and our final project can be what ever we like in the field of 3d, so i picked game dev. I have played with udk this year a bit, getting static meshes, materials, characters etc into the game and working so i thought it would be a good program to work with.

    I have an idea to make a small skateboarding game. It doesn't have to be fully working just as long as i can get the character skating and do a trick or 2.
    The environment shouldn't be a problem but i'm just having some problems figuring out how to set up the character and the skateboard.
    I can't decide what would be easier, having the character and the skateboard as separate skeletal meshes or to have them as the same.
    I have tried (and failed) today to see if i could use the hoverboard as a base to getting the skateboard working. But i only understand a little code so i pretty much knew it wouldn't work.
    I got it to show in the udk editor as a vehiclefactory item but when in game it didn't show anything.
    So can anyone help me set up the board and character?

    I just wanted to get this semi sorted before i actually start the project as if i can't then i won't worry about getting it playable and would just set up a fly through of the area and have a skater animated skating through. As the project is what ever we want it to be.

    Just an update i got the board in game but its acting strange bobbing around for the first few moments and ends up like this.
    Im guessing ill have to do with the actual mesh or the collision. I have been pulling apart my code and any changes i make don't seem to make any difference.


      Without seeing the code we have no idea what is going on with it. Also showing us your custom collision would help.


        Why not just copy the hoverboard?

        Edit: I see you've tried. Another alternative is to set up the character and board as a single mesh.

        Whichever way you do it, I hate to break it to you, but you're going to need code to make this work.


          I know, thats why i'm asking for help :-). But i have been doing some thinking today and think it might just be the easiest option to have the board and the character as one mesh.
          So that i don't have to worry about getting the board set up.
          My next question is can you have separate joints in the same mesh? as i would like the board to flip or should i just have the board and the root bone of the character joint.


            Just as an update i thought i would add some of my work to this thread.

            This is a render from earlier in the week. clothing is less smooth now and am working on the textures at the moment.

            These are the cars that will be in the enviroment. I have started on the textures but nothing overly detailed has been done yet.

            Also would it be possible to move this thread?