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Reflection and Light problem...

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    Reflection and Light problem...

    Hiiii guys,

    sorry for this post but i have a problem with a fractured static mesh and the chunks.

    The situation is as follow:

    I have a fractured static mesh into a map with near a light and it will be destroy by a radial impulse actor. So, the chunks fall down and reach the floor with near another light (less bright respect of first). BUT the problem is that chunks didn't refresh or update the reflection of the another light.

    This is the problem:

    As you can see the chunks looks very bad and don't reflect the another light or the environment.

    So, what can i do for fix this? Should i use the dynamic light? and, if yes: How? What options should i active?, ecc, ecc

    tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for all and sorry for my english :S