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    Originally posted by Kevin31 View Post
    1 UU is indeed equal to 2 cm...
    Thanks for that! Glad to see I wasnt really doing it completely wrong as they say most licencees use 1uu=1cm


      Originally posted by elmuerte View Post
      Yes you can scale it to arbitrary values, and yes that does imply you need to conform the usage of scale you used.

      Yes sure that's more like it, I should work on use of positivism instead of "no you cant". You can change it any way you want if keep in mind unchangable aspects and work around them. Should be quite easy.

      And to treat 1 UU = 1 cm shoudn't be noticeable at all I guess.


        Originally posted by DannRees View Post
        is it exactly 2cm? Like 2.00000000cm for example? Would a measurement over 45 miles across still be accurate?



          no, it's whatever you want it to be.

          1 uu is 1 uu. Sound falloff is written on a scale where it works reasonably well for 1uu = 2cm scale, but it's certainly not mathematically accurate.

          1 uu is whatever you want it to be. But, if you make it anything other than approx 1-3 uu, you're going to need to radically change some default values.

          The default UTPawn movement values and gravities and such are on a 1 uu = 2cm scale.

          But, again, you can use -any- scale you want, since it's primarily whatever you build to that scale, determines what the scale of everything is.

          So, it's as accurate as your modelling is.


            got it, thanks Blade.