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    Script-able or Kismet-able

    Hi all,

    I'm making a small game and want to know what I'm getting myself into. So I was wondering if people can help me determine or confirm what features of the game can be done using Scripting, Kismet or both.

    1) Main Menu
    From what I've read, it seems that this can be done using Scripting or Kismet. But don't know exactly what the differences between using the two.

    2) Inventory
    I'm making an adventure puzzle game where players can pick up items and use them on objects in the game. The player should be able to bring up their inventory list, use their mouse to select an object and it either becomes equipped OR becomes "used" before disappearing off the inventory. Just think about Point 'n' Click games like Dreamfall.

    I think this is scripting AND kismet because displaying an inventory in the middle of the game is like creating a mid game menu right? So it's basically the same as making the main menu, except instead of activating it via game start-up, you activate it via pressing a button right?

    3) Selecting projectile, equipping it and then throwing it
    I think this is scripting, but just changing the current codes for weapons and their bullets right? Is it just replacing a weapon with a projectile, and then when the player "Fires", you hide the weapon and change its bullet into that same projectile. You also change the "firing" animation of the character right?

    I think there's a couple more I need to know... but for now, I'll just stick with this three. So can anyone help me or confirm my assumptions? Thanks.

    menus are done using UIScene or Flash with Scaleform GFx.

    Same thing with Inventory

    throwing weapons could probably be done several ways, your way might work.


      Is using Flash and Scaleform GFx complicated to do for beginners like me? I saw examples of games using this method and they look nice. But nice things are usually hard to achieve =/

      Could you perhaps elaborate more on the several ways of achieving projectile weapons?

      Oh and if you know any good tutorials out there for what I'm trying to achieve, please post them ^^

      I'm having a hard time locating some "tutorials" right now in terms of feature 2) and 3).


        only thing i know about flash is what i learned in Henrik's Scaleform GFx tutorial. Personally, before worrying about getting a weapon to appear as if it's thrown, i'd worry about getting it to launch the projectiles you want first .. then you can explore hiding it or swapping weapons or whatever you want to do after that.


          That's a good idea ^^


          I'll try looking up that tutorial.

          If anyone else has their own opinions on the features I seek please feel free to post. I need all the help I can get.


            Kismet is for level specific events and actions. Unrealscript is for game logic which is used in every level you play. I'd say those you mentioned should be done with scripting.


              Wow the results are very nice in Henrik's tutorial.

              However, is Scaleform GFx free to use?

              I looked through the website, went to evaluate but it had all these registration. I don't want to continue but can't seem to get a clear answer on whether the software is free to use.


                Scaleform is included with UDK.

                The Flash authoring tool that Henrik's tutorial uses has a 30-day trial as he says at the beginning. You can use any Flash tool, but Henrik tells you how to use the official one.