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How to fix: package moved and all assets lost

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    How to fix: package moved and all assets lost

    The problem is the next:

    I made a map, with personalized textures, sounds, meshes, etc,...

    I took all the personalized stuff and moved it to another package (option rename or move in content browser).

    When I opened the map again, that "udk-cannot-find-your-stuff-for-the-map" window appeared, and the assets are in the new package but not in the map. How can I do to fix it? Next time I know I have to do a copy of them...

    Thanks in advance :]

    the map you play is looking for the assets in their original package
    either make the map again or move the assets back where they came from
    there might be another way but i dont know of it, anyone?


      I attempted to move back the assets to the first package but doesn't works.

      EDIT: Fixed, I saved a copy of the original one, the problem was that I changed the name of the package without using udk, and the system was looking for a package with a name changed.