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    Hell yeah


      They all look like they have fun all the time. No real dress code which is always good. For interview of course dress up but after that, your part of the sandlot. It's cool to see them though. I always thought they were aliens like the "V"s and their plan were to gift us with an awesome game engine. Then when everyone in the whole world makes a game our brains would explode.
      It's good to see that their just humans like us.
      There were a handful of girls in my class for game design and they were just as gamers, well even more so than the guys. Or just anime fans. It's good to see some in the pic's because I actually thought some of the girls in my class might think that when they try to get into the industry that they wouldn't get taken seriously because they are a girl. I have a 5 year old niece who really kicks my butt in Need for Speed Shift. She could be the next super woman gamer. Or I could just really suck at playing. Thanks for the pic post. Keep up the good work. Don't have too much fun.