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May Build Problem found

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    May Build Problem found

    Hello together, i probally found out what could be the Performance issue, so this goes to the Epic game developer. I checked it with Toggledebugcamera and freeze mode, for checking the camera frustum. I found out, that not see able thing are rendered in the new versions from April and May.

    I checked it with the older Versions and they are blend off, as it should be.
    I testet it with bigger Maps, and you can see that things are rendered that not could be seen, and now some weird thing, i get stuff rendered far BEHIND the characker, that should not be possible.....
    Even Big BSP Walls could not fix this issue ...This MUST be the Performance Bug, Because this is really heavy at big Worlds with dozends of plants and stones and so one.

    March UDK:

    Viewed Frustum on [Rendered freezed]

    Rendering On

    Now May Build WITH Rendering Freeze after starting from the other side like the old versions before.

    This is the worst pic about it :

    Maybe we need to beg for umbra occ.

    I noticed the huge drop in FPS, even on my decent high end system, if it does render objects outside of view, that is a huge drain indeed.



      Some Statement form Epic? Otherwise, i am german and don´t understand what problem should be with the new Ui system, something similiar to this Bug?

      [Also ich weiß nicht genau ob das neue Inventar System eben diesen Fehler verursacht, allerdings ist es wirklich heftig auch bei den anderen Scenen werden eben Static meshes gerendert die nicht gerendert werden sollten. Das macht auf jedenfall ein Problem.]

      Sorry for this, the German support is not so big


        Is it a bug or not pleas tell me ...!!