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May UDK Beta Released

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    This is weird...
    in game i have over 25 fps and in editor it's under 15 fps with no map loaded

    anyone have this problem to ?


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      Originally posted by Mr Evil View Post
      Yes, it makes it look like the game is running in 16 bit colour.

      This bit would have been completely in shadow before.
      Tone mapping. "Enabled tone mapping and color grading support to UDK. Enabled by default now so all scenes will receive contrast-enhancing tone mapping" (see the release notes). It's helping you out by giving you more contrast, can't you tell!? Gave the lads over at polycount a fit and now it's on by default, can't wait for the endless threads! Sarcasm aside, THANK YOU Epic, awwwwesome update.


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        This is so wonderful! so many upgrades and features ! Thank you Epic! specialy for continuing maintaining the code base .


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          Originally posted by danimal' View Post
          Tone mapping.
          But the stock levels look atrocious too.

          Originally posted by awakeningfromobliv View Post
          I'm having trouble getting the inventor menu to open, I've pushed ever button on my keyboard, and I can't seem to get it to show could someone tell me how to open the new menu?


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            Looks like it's not quite the problem I thought it was. The post-processing of my HUD UIScene is being applied to the whole world, which makes it look that bad. The UIScene is of course going away soon.


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              Yes yes yes yes thank you epic!


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                Tight packed release! So is there anyway to test out steamworks integration not being a licensee or steamworks partner?


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                  Originally posted by Flak View Post
                  The Steam page on UDN is live now:

                  It doesn't explain what features of Steamworks are/aren't functional in the UDK build, and its impossible to know how to use it without either seeing the .cpp file or having some docs...


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                    Originally posted by ambershee View Post
                    But the stock levels look atrocious too.
                    Right, because it's applied in the post process chain (uberpost), so it applies to EVERYTHING. Though I did run the levels after my initial post and wow, it really does look ugly now. I don't disagree with you guys at all, I'm just explaining what I *believe* is causing it. We love you Epic, but the defaults are ridiculously ugly, I loaded up Sanctuary, and my eyes started bleeding.

                    For your reading pleasure:

                    In the console type: colorgrading 0 to make the nasties go away!


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                      Steam and Scaleform support in one update? Awesome.

                      But wait. There is more:
                      Originally posted by Flak View Post

                      • UDK now supports running 64-bit binaries for the editor

                      Best update so far.


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                        Excellent and thanks for early birthday present.


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                          I love you epic!


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                            Im looking for where this is ...cant find where its located

                            Max Quality Mode
                            •Added MaxQualityMode option for taking high-resolution screenshots
                            •Increases texture res and shadow quality regardless of performance

                            as for the tone mapping---
                            To disable tone mapping :
                            do a search for "post" in the content browser under the content root

                            double click on UTPostProcess_Console

                            click on uberPostProcessEffect

                            uncheck EnableHDRTonemapper

                            The 3d tone mapping kicks butt but the one loaded is way too contrasty


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                              sorry to complain but, there is a weird red glow around areas that dont receive light or are black. plz help!


                              • #45
                                I can never thank Epic enough. You guys are purely awesome!!

                                I just have one problem: directional lights don't seem to want to be baked for me anymore

                                [edit to add]The light shafts are making me ridiculously happy. I always wanted something like this!!