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A Question About UDK Licence Agreement ( I need some clarity )

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    If you get a decent publisher they'll probably just buy a full license to simplify everything. But otherwise, yes. A quarter of all revenue will go to Epic after the first $5,000.


      So what is the result? Can UDK be used to make commercial TV & Films?


        Yes, it can, but it's a more complicated system for the revenue. I don't know why you would use the UDK though, honestly I would find it easier to do everything in Max or whatever. You're already using mocap, or else animation sequences that you can just repeat, plus a better rendering system.


          The result will be a secret betwwen me and Epic. All I can say about the result that I am happy.

          I have sent them a detailed e-mail and they asked me a few questions . After that, they gave me a chart that shows the sharing and paying informations.

          There is no constant answer for a TV product as fr as I can get.

          But it is possible.

          I do not agree with the people saying that EPİC is not a suitible application to make a TV program. 3d animations, machinimas, games, comic books and eve movies are very different art types from each other. First and Formost, it is al about art direction and interactivity.

          That is my opinion.

          Best Regards;

          Ozan ÜNLÜ


            I have an even worse grasp on what the real paragraph says than I generally do. However, I really don't care if you agree with me, just to put that on the record.