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A Question About UDK Licence Agreement ( I need some clarity )

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    A Question About UDK Licence Agreement ( I need some clarity )

    Hi Guys;

    Here is the situiation.

    1- I get my UDK and install it on my computer

    2- Then I make an animated short TV series that looks like game environment and has some game characters following a scenerio, diologs and story boards.

    As you can guess, the flow of the story can not be changed by any body. So It is not a game.

    3 - I finish the project and sell it to a local TV channel. 40 episodes. Let's say, total price is 600.000 dolars. ( just an approximation to make you guys keep up with the question )

    4 - in this case, 150.000 dolars goes to Epic Games. That is OK.

    5 - Once the animated short begins to get broadcasted on TV, the channel that broadcasts the show gets some advertisings. Know what I mean?

    They will be making their own revenues by broadcasting some advertisings.

    That is the main question;

    ** Will the Epic Games also get the 25% of this revenues that is received by broadcasting those advrtisings on TV??

    I am just a developer and I will not get any of that advirtising revenues? It totaly goes to the TV channel which I sell my animated short ...

    What would the UDK Licence Agreement say about that case ?

    If you know something about that, You make me the happiest person ever .

    Because If I can get enough explanation about this case, I am gonno start a big project.

    Best Regards;

    Ozan ÜNLÜ

    I think if you were to sell they episodes, you would also sell the license. So wouldn't the tv peoples have to pay epic instead of you?

    IMO, not a good idea to make a tv series from a game engine.



      Thank you for your comments but looks like you have no answer for my problem.

      I do not think that Making a TV serious from an engine is a bad idea. Let's say it is a game, OK? What would change ? It will be a TV show at the end.


        I can't imagine any network actually picking up a machinima series.

        It's difficult to determine. There is a section in the licensing FAQs that says you don't need a license to sell documentation videos, but I'm not sure that applies in this instance since your idea isn't documentation. You'd have to get in touch with Epic about it.

        Also, while I don't really know anything about television and film production, I imagine that networks aren't likely to buy up a full series created by a guy in his basement. You certainly wouldn't produce 40 episodes before attempting to pitch it.

        Q: Can I sell works created using UDK?

        A: The short answer is “Yes.” However you need a commercial license. Please view the information at our licensing page.
        "Works" in this case likely referring to machinima and the like.


          Thank you so much Quanta.

          First of all, I have to say that I do not live in a basement.

          40 episodes were just an example. I can hardly understand Why You guys pay attention to the project that much. It is not the point.

          The point is that if a product that is created by using UDK ( game , machinima , short animated, documantery, architectural visilation and son on an so forth ) can be broadcasted on TV without paying extra %25 of the advirtising reveneus or not?

          The point is What The licence agreement says about that.

          Let's say that I am gonno make a TV show that uses some little games to entertein the children. OK? But it is a TV show and the product - which has become a game - will never be sold on game stores.

          Tha is the point. Do not get me wrong. Your suggestion are always welcome but What I need is a little bit different.

          Maybe I should send a shor e mail about my problem to the epic games.

          Best Regards;



            Without being into legal stuff I would say you should pay the per-seat license of $2500 per year, as you are not actually releasing a product that incorporates the engine.

            If you are using UDK internally within your business and the application created using UDK is not distributed to a third party (i.e., someone who is not your employee or subcontractor), you are required to pay Epic an annual license fee of $2,500 (US) per installed UDK developer seat per year
            So as you are using UDK as a development tool internally in your business (and you are using it to create an "application" for machinma production) I think this license fits your needs.


              It has been getting more confused than I thouht!

              Anyway, please give me your suggestions. I also sent a short e-mail to Epic about the project.

              Best Regards;



                i would email epic, for clarification. (since tv broadcast is a different beast, and might need a custom license)

                we can only speculate, while Epic knows the real deal in this situation.


                  Yes man, you are exactly right.

                  I have sent a short e-mail to the people in Epic Games.

                  The firts reply was not an answer. They asked me a few other questions.

                  The first thing that they declared was How interesting my project was. I think they like the idea. I also guess that that was the first time which they encountered a problem or a question like that.

                  Once I receive my complate answer, I will share it with you guys in the forum. Keep up telling me What your suggestions are untill they send me the last deal.

                  Best Regards;

                  Ozan ÜNLÜ


                    I suggest you negotiate a better deal than the one they offer. Then get a new bank cause the one you got now is to small.

                    I'm writing scripts for you as fast as I can. I'm on the part where Master Shake wins American Idol.


                      Originally posted by ozan3d View Post

                      I also guess that that was the first time which they encountered a problem or a question like that.
                      Unreal Engine has been used in commercial TV and Film production before:




                        You don't pay the royalties until after you've made 5000. Chances are you'll need a different license like everyone else has said though, either a full license or probably need to pay the annual fee for a seat which is like 2500. Assuming neither, Epic takes 25% of anything after the first $5000 you make, which probably means anyone that pays for advertisement during the air time, a quarter of that would go to Epic.


                          Also, Epic says they don't include distribution fees in "your revenue" likely to prevent people from accidentally owing more to Epic than they take in because of all the hands in the pot.

                          But yeah -- that's why they have a licensing email address. Ask them.


                            Originally posted by eastgate2 View Post
                            Unreal Engine has been used in commercial TV and Film production before:


                            I think you got the situation wrong. I did not say that my project would be the first one that uses UE3 to make a short animated or mechinima.

                            I said that the question about license agreement was the first one that they have encountered so far.


                              to "UnspoiledWalnut";

                              I am not sure If I can understand What you said correctly or not.

                              If you are talking about that Epic will never make any special agreement for me, That is exactly What I think about the case. If you are talking about something different, please try to be more clear than you were...

                              Buy the way, Does the Epic take quarter of the revenue that goes to the publisher? I think is my case a little bit similar to this one.

                              Thanks a lot

                              Best Regards;

                              Ozan ÜNLÜ