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I'm confused about commercially selling a product

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    If you prototype first using the basic outlined GDD that really is only an overview of the major systems like movement and combat and interactions, you can figure out what doesn't work and what does and work in increments from that, not a complete documentation that is likely to change several times through production. Regardless of whether there is a prototype or not, a big and detailed picture of everything is going to lock everything down and hinder the process because it's going to take time to change every detail to keep continuity, at which point you'll probably find something else you don't like in it and continue a revision process infinitely until you finally either settle or drop it. We're just using placeholders for everything possible during production that we'll swap out when we finalize everything, just like with everything else. There is no point in making complete detailed models when we're still changing things in the conceptual forms (except some guns because I go to the shooting range a lot and just brought a microphone with me), just like there's no point in making a complete detailed GDD or script that's going to be under constant changes over the entire course of production. It's best just to have the basic outlines, very basic, that are used strictly as a guideline fire what the final product will be. Especially for the script, because instead of changing something big that affects a bunch of minute details you can have ten or twenty or so large points that are critical in the story to change instead of hundreds or thousands that are directly or indirectly related to any revision.