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static mesh catalogue download?

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    static mesh catalogue download?

    I have seen the static mesh catalogue at
    and there are hundreds more than what I have when I downloaded the UT3 and UDK packages which include only some of the above.
    Where can I download some of those listed in the catalogue?

    Nowhere legal I'd say... Those are pictures of the contents of the Unreal Tournament 3 packages.

    be friendly alex... lol


      Those meshes are found in Unreal Tournament 3's editor, you only get a couple of them in UDK which are used for the show off levels. If you want to use them, then you'll need to revert to using the editor in UT3.


        #4 could provide short term 3d support in lieu of regressing to UT3


          Spend time making ya own.Before you know it you will have a huge asset collection.


            Hm yes those are from UT3 so you couldn't use them (legally anyway)

            As for the above post, it does make sense to a point... but you have to understand, not everyone is as good at creating models.

            This would be like me saying that you should all record and use your own sounds that you created and then you'll have tons... well for me that's simple because I'm a sound designer so I'm pretty good at doing this, but not everyone is. I'm pretty good at 3D modeling, but am not good at creating characters, so you telling me to make my own characters would pretty much be pointless.

            Maybe there are people that don't know very much about modeling and don't have anyone to model for them, so the only options they have are 3D content library.

            Oh there are some places to get 3D assests from... if you can convert stuff from googlewarehouse or 3DVia you can use that. I think there's one called 3DXtras that has some things for use. You have to import them but they are 3D models that anyone can use.

            I don't konw the liscencing so I'm not sure about that.


              How do I import all UT3 packages to UDK


              I would definitely like to know how to import not just static meshes, but also other aspects like textures and sound etc. from UT3 into UDK.

              This is for a school project; not intended for commercial release.


                It is a upk package,just copy paste it form ut3 to udk and open it from the content browser.Errors will come as the upk will scream that its not finding something related and you can not copy stuff from it to other packages but that is it.