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    Originally posted by Solid Snake View Post
    There's really nothing wrong with making an arena shooting with the same game play mechanics. People can't patent game play mechanics anyways given that the concepts behind them are pretty generic.
    Yeah... that never stopped the US patent office

    (You're right though, gameplay mechanics aren't patented)

    Yeah -- Arena shooters really are quite fun.


      Originally posted by computerquip View Post
      I think I'll just drop the idea. >.>
      Thanks for your ideas. I'll probably move onto a more original idea.
      No don't give it up bro, a free modern arena game would be pretty fun, just need to avoid trademarked stuff and all that. Call it FreeTU or something. If it makes you feel better I about got torn apart by Blizzard once for an Oblivion mod I was making that was basically a Warcraft RPG. I've been trying to get in touch with someone to talk about it and try and get permission, but I've been slacking too much.