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    UDK Livestream

    I came up with a unique suggestion to have a channel on or to stream live tutorials for UDK. This would be a great idea for those who want to see things done hands on a long with getting answers to questions with the broadcaster and the viewers chat.

    If anyone dose make a channel, make sure you submit it here! Thank you.

    I from time to time run a show out from: - I used it as a 1 to many communication medium for the OFP2 community. It works great when trying to communicate to a 200 man audience about somthing. Describing what you see is lengthy and people don't get to share the experience as much.

    As for your idea as long as your audience is small it might work, any larger and people could (and most likely will) get left behind as you have a broader skill level. If you go back for those people then you'll bore your more skilled audience who will leave.

    I hope I can return to liveCasting when my time/place in the UDK community calls for it.