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Introducing UDK Central:Wiki - Helping you find Unreal tutorials fast.

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    Introducing UDK Central:Wiki - Helping you find Unreal tutorials fast.


    I am Sir. Polaris. The reason I am writing to you today is because I want to tell you about the UDK Central initiative and how I am working towards a place where you can start finding tutorials fast.

    In respect for your time a summary has been provided at the very bottom of post. Below the message goes into detail about the background of the site, the reason for its creation and its goals.
    Much like many of the people I see on the forums today, I found myself with problems as I worked on my own UDK project. Much like others, when I looked for help I then found resources scattered, dependent on UT3 or 2004, or too high level to understand. Stuck endlessly, I spent full days searching and in the end joined the UDK forum community to seek help from real people. It was only then, I was pointed to the good resources and hidden threads.

    Within a few days I started to notice a common problem that affects all forums, which is thread decay. Thread decay systemic problem where older posts are neglected or never found before a person posts. This causes the effect where, no post past the first page gets a reply, or new threads are made weekly on the same finished topic as last week.

    I realized from my experience as a community developer that aside from thread decay there was larger problems in the UDK community. Most of the problems I found where around entry level learning and the preservation of collective knowledge - especially in UnrealScript. Compounded with age and culture of the unreal community on the forums, it became apparent to me that this was a problem I could help fix.

    I did my research and it was not long until I found many people where sharing the same sediments. Because I believing in strengthening the people of the communities I take part in, about two months ago I set off to correct this problem. After two months of research and planning, building out and networking the site internally, the domain had finally got to respectable level I wanted to present.

    Fixing problems and giving back to the community
    Right now the domain is focusing on collecting teaching materials (UDK Tutorials) and links to information and help. I am doing this to help correct the problems of:
    • Confusing mix of UT3 and UDK information
    • UDK information can be very hard to find if you don't know where to look.
    • Searching is not centralized.
    • Relevant specific information is lost in a sea of posts
    • Teachers and helpers burning out from repeating them-selfs

    With much appreciated support from some of the most skilled tutorial makers in our community. I have been working hard for the last month to get as much content I can into the database. The website now sits at over 50 tutorials and links. As the website develops it is quickly closing the gap towards the correcting the problems listed above. I believe in a short time UDK Central may start providing full resolutions.

    In conclusion, I hope you will join with helping grow in giving back to the great community around us. I truly want to see this community thrive and see the new future of developer standing on the shoulders of giants we will create. I hope this website soon proves to be a great first stop resource for everyones future developing. I am trying my best to provide the best experience possible, I am however no web developer. As such, I ask you kindly to please excuse my inabilities . Lastly if you ever need help or want to talk, feel more then free to PM me or E-mail me. I truly am here to help.

    Thank you for your time,

    - Justin "Sir. Polaris" Kelly
    Summary a community first domain that is aims to provide the UDK community with a centralized searching and repository for community based collections.

    At this moment the domain is a website for tutorials and links for UDK (Unreal Development Kit) learning. The website grows each week and it is hoping to become a key resource. The websites aim is to correct infrastructure problems facing the UDK community, specifically the lack of centralized searching and lack of awareness of content from great websites. It also aims to help foster an accessible resource that is aimed at: a highschool level, new developers and becomming a provider of rapid searching and solved problems.

    Readmore: - About

    Follow the development conversation on LinkedIn (account needed)

    Chat live with me and other supporters on the development IRC: (In Browser) Mibbit webclient or irc://

    Thank you for your time,

    I think it's a great initiative, and it could help both people looking for help, and people offering their advice!


      Yes, great idea.
      Now, perhaps can you contact every peoples who have made great tutorials and ask them to put their tutorials (or links to the originals) on this central wiki ?


        I'm working on it , I mostly end up uploading them myself for them. Here is my Todo list of tutorials [+]

        Good to see you on the forums Regis


          awesome site sir!
          hope everyone gets on it
          good luck


            Allready faved


              Fantastic! Any chance of code for an RTS style camera in the works?


                how great it is, it has some legal issues.

                UDK is a trademark held by Epic Games. You may not use that name without permission.
                Secondly, if you choose not to ask permission, at least make it very clear to the audience visiting your site, that you're not affiliated or endorsed by Epic Games, and that the site is not a part of Epic Games, but a personal website.

                update: i noticed the "not related to epic games" kind of info is on the wiki, but it's very difficult to find, as first time visitor. (e.g. people who are going to search google, for udk site etc.. they might come to yours, and might think it's the official community site for UDK.)
                My suggestion is to put this information on the main page. (about UDKC page i would make the mainpage, instead of a stowed away somewhere page)


                  this is so basic tutorials
                  never have MAX IK import UDK video, or never have uscirpt control role video, never have weapon uscript video , and never have 3DMAX create skydrome UVsMAP video and UI design video , because the tutorials is need to fee ... ...

                  UDK C video is free , you can go to youtube to get all video , free , but no useful.


                    Another wiki/tutorial site?

                    The UnrealWiki isn't good enough?


                      @ Saymoo
                      I have talked to Epic before starting this and investing money into it. All legal issues have been hopefully cleared. I would hope a link at the bottom of every page towards the site wide disclaimer and also cross linking in the sites about page would be sufficient.

                      While it is true the level of unique "Cannot be found anywhere else" content is low. It should be understood that the purpose of this site is not to compete with other sites for content creation. The purpose of this site is to provide direction to find the information when you need it. As time passes you will see the level of help will expand into more complex and unique help. I hope you will bear with us, as we grow from the basics into the complex. Then hopefully the website will become a greater use to people like yourself and your collective needs.

                      For the flexibility I needed for this project to succeed, I needed my own wiki. UnrealWiki is a great site with a long history. All which would make it an excellent starting platform. However I felt that I would clash with older existing culture and ways of doing things. I also felt that my UDK ambitions would seem like radical changes. Seeing how this is "someone else home" that they built over years of work. I felt I was out of place to call UWiki 'my' home as well.

                      So to avoid all these problems, I felt it best to keep everything contained on my end. This allows me to grow and do what I feel best to serve the people I am trying to help. While not being a problem to the existing veterans in the Unreal Community.

                      I hope you can understand


                        UnrealWiki is a true wiki (with the exception of anonymous edits due to spam prevention), "true" as in: no policing by purely moderating users (like Wikipedia has become). So, it's everybody's home. Just move in, hand around, squat around for that matter


                          Due to a HVAC complication at the LAX datacenter where was hosted. The site was down for the last 5 hours. The servers are rebooted and UDKC is now back online.


                            After a small break, is back for another round of development.

                            Thank you for your support!


                              Sir. Polaris
                              Thanks for your efforts any way.I hope you get all the links put together and more organized.I noticed some of the links crossed out. This is really a wonderful contribution.