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Hello! New to the forum and UDK

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    Hello! New to the forum and UDK

    Hi all

    just wanted to announce myself... I'm a 3D and motion graphics guy, working on video projects, and just recently decided to look into UDK... much of my research thus far has been very encouraging so I'm considering throwing my hat into the ring and getting a small project up and running...

    it's far too early days yet, but I'm enthusiastic about the possibilities that Unreal Engine offers, so expect to see me asking many, many questions in the coming months

    Hi and welcome. I'm pretty new here too.

    The UDK may seem a little odd at first in some areas (materials especially) but there are a lot of great tutorials to help clear things up a lot.

    3D Buzz has some videos that makes the UDK a lot less complex to understand.

    There's also this site.

    Click on tutorials.


      thanks... I've actually spent the past 3 weeks absorbing and inhaling as much info as I could find... I've been a 3dbuzz user for years, and this all started when I decided to look at the Unreal portion of the site... from there I've found lots of places to learn things from, including hourences and also these forums...

      so at present, I'm going to assemble a small team and try to determine if we can dedicate some time to making a project happen... I've already got a concept, but I'm going to see what my team wants to do, rather than be all dictatorial...

      anyways, i'm rambling a bit here... but I look forward to what the next few months will bring