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UDK for my Thesis

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    UDK for my Thesis

    Hey all,

    I'm currently going into my last year in BSc Creative Computing degree (
    This degree involves programming and engineering from the creative side of computing, so NO art design or modeling of any sort. For you to get an idea my final year subject include:
    1) Human Computer Interaction;
    2) Artificial Intelligence;
    3) Mathematical Techniques of Operational Research;
    4) Data Compression

    For the past half year I've gotten into UDK and managed a full game demo running all sorts of stuff, basic animations, bots, scripts, ect... I'm no pro but I do understand the fundamental of UDK.

    My concern is whether it would be possible to use UDK into my thesis. I have in mind of integrating camera recognition software into the engine. Obviously being a non-open engine, would I be able to add an external feature like this to UDK using coding with a language such as Java or C++?


    Yes you very much can by using dll bind, which allows you to use C++ or whatever language you choose and bind that to unreal script via dll bind

    :] hope this helps