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How can I control something other than a biped?

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    How can I control something other than a biped?

    So forgive me for my ignorance, but I've been scouring the net for a few days now and I cannot find any solid information on how to import an object to use in UDK as a player. Example of what I'm trying to do: I would like to import a simple mesh, say a standard alien saucer spaceship

    (like this, though created in Max/Maya of course: )

    I would like for this to be what the player controls for the entire game instead of a typical biped character. If anyone could point me in the right direction as to where I could research how to do this, I would be greatly appreciative. I believe it has something to do with ActorX and whatnot, but if coding is required instead, that's ok too.

    Thank you in advance for any help on this topic.


    Very nice clipart.

    There's a tutorial on it, it's really basic though. You'll have to do some more work with it probably, not sure if it goes over making it aim properly and whatnot. You can do it with Kismet, but it'll be really confusing if I write it out right now because I'm a good few beers in now so I'll try again in the morning if no one beats me to it.


      Haha, yeah, I just grabbed a simple clipart piece to hopefully help in my explanation of what I was looking to accomplish.

      In regards to the video link, thanks a ton. I think that should help solve at least some of the issue that I'm having, but it doesn't touch upon actually importing and controlling a mesh other than a biped, i.e., the robot or a human character, like I'm attempting to do.

      I'd like to have it where the player controls an object like the spaceship I mentioned in my initial post, or some other simple mesh that doesn't really need any type of limbs/animation other than possible rotation.

      This particular camera solution also does not allow for vertical movement either (when the player looks), but I think that I could get away with that so it shouldn't be an issue.

      I assume that I'll have to rig the object that I'd like the player to control, say the spaceship, but I'm not entirely sure. I believe that I might have to edit some of the code as well in order for everything to work, but again, I don't know. I'll continue to look into it, but if you think of something else in the future Unspoiled, or if anyone else can provide any input, again I would greatly appreciate it.



        Oh yeah, you shouldn't really need to do anything other than replace the standard game mesh with that. It might need a central node or dummy piece or something, but I'm not totally sure. Even without it, I don't know why the mesh wouldn't move around without being animated like a skeletal mesh is. You will need to work on the coding a bit if you're starting from the example UT files because they're just examples for an FPS really, I'm not sure you'll find tutorials on this specific topic since it's not very common, so you'd have to play around with it a bit but I'm sure a lot of it can be done with Kismet by overwriting the stock movement system. I've never really had a need to make anything move on three axis like that but I'm sure it's possible. I'll play around with it a bit when I'm more sober and have some time, and see if I can just do it with Kismet to avoid having to script anything since I don't know how really.


          Yeah, I'm going to try and replace the mesh somehow, either after work tonight or sometime tomorrow. I'll try and play around with kismet like you recommended too Unspoiled, just to see what we can come up with.

          I've also seen a video on YouTube that sort of shows what I'm attempting to do:

          This is only a top-down view though really, and I'm not looking to do a top-down mod, but I think it could work by just removing the "floor"/bottom portion that the ball travels upon. Either way, I've messaged the creator so hopefully that person responds and is able to provide advice.

          Thanks a lot UnspoiledWalnut for all the input. I really appreciate it! Fun stuff, huh? :/ Haha.