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Placement of objects using XYZ coordinates and scaling

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    Placement of objects using XYZ coordinates and scaling

    So I intend on building my scenes within 3DS Max, and I'm wondering if I need to center the pivot points to the objects or if I can have the pivots at the origin and the objects off center, so that when imported it'll line up like I want faster.

    Also, does anyone know what I should scale the world to? I've been using American measurements for most of the models because that's what I like most, so if I have the character models around six feet tall in Max will that correlate with the perspective in the game?

    I find that it works both ways pivot at corner/center of a edge or center of model. If you wanted to rotate a draw bridge up I would put the pivot at a edge/face center so the mesh would raise the opisite side up when rotated.

    From UDN:
    Current Game Scales:
    In all of the Unreal Tournament games, 1 Unreal Unit is equal to 2 cm.
    In Gears of War approximately 2 Unreal Units equal 1 inch, because the characters are 156 units tall and a floor of a building is 256 units tall. This was decided on for grid purposes and so our cover height worked out well.
    Most licensees use a scale of 1 Unreal Unit to 1 cm.

    UE3 treats one Max Unit as one Unreal Unit, regardless of what length the units were originally set to in Max.

    Regarding units and scale, here are some important things to consider:
    Generally a "floor" of a building is a nice even 256 units.
    Low cover is 96 Unreal Units (UU) tall; and must be shallower that 96 UU to mantle over it.
    Marcus and other characters are 162 Unreal Units tall with a 50 UU-wide collision cylinder.

    Hope that helps!


      Yes, thank you.

      But on the first part, I mean, in reality the object will be placed at say (256,256,0) but I move the pivot point or transform gizmo, forget what it's called sorry, to (0,0,0). If I export the object from Max like that and import it into UDK, is it going to be on target still, so the object would be placed where it was in Max so that it will correlate with everything else, or is that a bad idea? I basically build all the scenes in 3DS Max, and when I go to import them I want to do as little placement as possible.


        Yes that works great if you don't ever plan on rotating the objects. Resetting the pivot is the same as dragging the object to the location under local coords so its the same thing as actually moving the geometry to the new location so when they load they will be same place as in max.


          I shouldn't really need to for most of them. The majority of the objects will be unique, the ones that need to instance I'll do differently.