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Procedural generated universe HELP!!!!

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    Simmer down, I smell incoming Flak You two lovers go grab IM and talk sweet nothings to each other there.

    As for the topic, no, the UDK is not suited for this, and pretty much nothing is. I've followed the infinity engine for awhile, it's very cool, but it is ultimately a tech demo. It's been a tech demo for years now. It sounds to me like you're new to this, so to just give it to you straight, you won't be able to do that. You could spend years learning the necessary skill set to make an engine like infinity, but then you won't be making a game, you'll be making an engine.

    Be realistic, why do you need everything procedurally generated? If that's code for "well I can't make any art", go find an artist. As much as we'd all love to have an infinitely scalable universe (I do sci fi stuff, trust me, I would too), figure out how you can approximate it. For example, you could start outside of a planet, use level streaming as you got close to load a more or less "fog level", while transitioning to a "on the planet" level. There are creative ways to simulate the effect. But the #1 thing to do wrong is if you're starting is to say "I want to make a game that multimillion dollar studios can't realistically create". Distill what you think is "cool" about your game idea, and then find ways to fake/approximate it within the existing bounds of available technology.


      You guys are way too pessimistic. This sort of thing should be easy with Unreal!

      And you know what? It is. Here's how: You use the "Create Random Game" button.

      Here's a screenshot of it on my editor, highlighted in red:

      All you need to do is click the button and leave your computer for a few hours. Unreal's patented GameGen technology will:
      • Generate fully-compiling, accurate UnrealScript code for all your gameplay mechanics, from physics to AI
      • Hexedit the .exe if necessary for greater performance / optimisation
      • Generate all assets - models, textures, animations
      • Create 10-15 maps, run simulations of player behaviour on them, and use that data to revise the maps and make them even more enjoyable

      All that's left for you to do is to package the game and distribute it.

      It's truly amazing. I've generated 5 games this weekend; my games industry friends all think I'm some kind of game-making superhero, but I don't dare tell them it's all down to GameGen!

      Unfortunately, there is a small catch with all of this. The game generation is completely automatic, so you might not get the exact game you wanted. But that's OK, you can just keep trying. And any macro recorder can automate your clicks, so you can go down to the beach and sip piña coladas while GameGen does all the work for you



        You should probably edit that post, we don't want EVERYONE finding out about that button


          That sort of attitude is elitist and arrogant. If a tool is there to make people's lives easier, we should be encouraging its use as much as possible!

          Plus it means we have to deal with fewer "I have vague ideas and no relevant skills; how do I make a game using zero effort" threads


            I'm looking forward to the upcoming integration of Emotiv's EPOC headset with the UDK's editor - it will read your game idea out of your head, fill in the blanks with the Create Random Game functionality and make it for you! Brilliant.