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Running a UDK game from cd

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    Originally posted by UnspoiledWalnut View Post
    No you don't. You just burn the same files that you would use for digital distribution to a disk and make an autorun file, why would you need the source to compile it?
    As I mentioned above, I was thinking of something else.


      ETrust has a good point. Previous versions of UDK would not have been able to save games (that is, the player's inventory, location and status of plot-relevant actors, etc) if installed to a CD or DVD, and would have required source access. However, this has changed with the inclusion of DLLBind. While you will not be able to use a Sapitu-style save system, you can use a DLLBind class which binds to a DLL which contains the native functionality in for writing save data to a designated folder in the user's hard drive. Unfortunately, you will have to write and compile the DLLBind class and DLL yourself. The good news is that you can use certain libraries, like the Physics File System to make things easier on yourself, with some add-ons such as encryption libraries so you can do fancy things like password-protected saves, should you wish.

      TL;DR version: Use DLLBind to access functions in a DLL that save data to the hard drive.