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Plug and Play Flying Elephant Download

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    Hey Tegleg, thanks for the work. Can I import the max file into Maya as an obj and still be able to follow your instructions?

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    i like the elephant, i didnt have to make anything exept the bones
    just downloaded it and imported, i have found very low poly models kind of spaz out all jittery like

    i forgot to say it doesnt have any animation
    it fires rockets from its tusks that dont rotate

    i got caught up in sound problems so i had to put that bit on hold, maybe ill post an update when/if i add that

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    have to say the elephant is a bit of a strange choice.. could have made a paper airplane model out of 4 polygons for all of the same effort :P

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    nice one, been having problems with my content so i'll have a look at yours to see what i missed, all for the tutorial i mean

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    Downloading now!
    Thank You.
    My hovercrafts code is broke. I think it will be helpfull to look at yours

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    can you post a screenshot of your work?

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  • started a topic Plug and Play Flying Elephant Download

    Plug and Play Flying Elephant Download

    i have uploaded an example of a BASIC flying vehicle for UDK March 2010.
    it uses the Cicada script and materials and is intended to give you a starting point for creating your own flying vehicles.
    feel free to use it in your game if you want.

    Copy the files into your UDK directory:
    (more recent versions of udk will use /UDKGame...)




    EDIT: if you are using the APRIL beta:
    open UTVehicle_Elephant_Content.uc
    and delete this line:
    To make your own flying vehicle:

    open VH_Elephant.max in 3ds max
    delete the elephant leaving just the bones
    import your vehicle making sure it is a single editable mesh with no groups or anything
    select your vehicle mesh, add modifier - skin
    add bones - add the 'Main' bone
    add modifier uvwmap
    export actorx
    check out geodavs tutorials for more info on sockets and stuff

    here are the bone names i used so you can make your own

    link all bones to 'Main' bone and skin your mesh to just the 'main'

    you can get it from this site here:
    (im trying to push this site cos i think they have the right idea)

    please let me know if i missed anything out the zip
    or if you have problems with it

    have fun

    Here are some Screen Shots for you, please note i didnt make the elephant, i got it from some random free models site

    i used a concrete material for the elephant here, the one you download uses cicada materials
    if anyone fancies making a nice texture please post it here