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May i have somthing for reverse engineering please?

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    so what you're saying is that most of the experienced people here are completly limited in their experience to a narrow area of the process and ignorant about the basics of the remaining parts?


      oh, and btw, i'm ok with partials if people can work on top of that and eventually reach all i'm seeking


        No, but even then, one person doing all of this, plus testing and fixing/debugging would take MONTHS to get it right and bug-free, and I am guessing you want fully commented code too so that you, who can't be bothered to make their own game and whines incessantly for someone else to do the work for them, might be able to grasp the concept and continue it?

        Obviously, you don't get the workflow of game design. Get a few books or read some online articles about it, it's more work than JUST coding. Coding is a complex and fairly exact science (though you can sometimes bend things in ways they weren't meant for) and to make a clean, bug-free code will take at least a few weeks.

        Then there's modelling and rigging your character.

        AND back to the character code to get it in the game, attaching the camera, etc.

        Then there's getting the PhysX objects all working in tandem and not glitching through each other, since obviously you want to be able to manipulate small objects with this thing. Debugging that could take a while.

        This is why there are TEAMS of people, each one dedicated to a specific aspect, but usually everyone has SOME knowledge of another area so they can help each other... not demand that one person does every single portion of the development process....

        OR you could go download Dungeon Defense and look at the Dev Diaries, the Source, and get your knowledge from that.

        OR, better yet, you could actually try recruiting in the recruiting section to start a small learning project, this way you learn while doing and working with a team.

        Then, at least, you will have a WORKING knowledge of the code and the workflow since you've been following it's development.

        I mean, seriously, has trolling here and begging for someone to do your bidding with sarcastic comments gotten you very far? You could have spent the day building something or even making this rigged mesh you mentioned.... You made it seem like you could get it done in no time, so where is it?


          the impression i got from the tutorials was that this type of thing wouldn't be complex enough to require any significant debugging time

          and i didn't thought the physics engine glitched that easilly

          i'm not trolling, like i said before, i believed that my request was easy and simple enough that people wouldn't get offended not anything by me asking for them to volunteer to help me


            Going to close this one.