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Unreal Ed doesn't come with Unreal Engine games?

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    Unreal Ed doesn't come with Unreal Engine games?

    Hi guys I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question?
    I was wondering, why do game companies that License the Unreal
    Engine wont release Unreal Ed with the PC version?
    I still like messing around inside the game, to see how something was made to brush up my skills,sometime I'll buy the game even through I know it sucks just for Unreal Ed.

    Can someone send my a list of Unreal Engine3 games that comes with
    Unreal Ed?

    Some companies just don't feel it's necessary to throw their products into the modding community. By preventing the ability to mod their games they can limit what negative issues are actually possible and provide enough support with minimal staff who probably aren't trained developers. By doing that they save money that would have otherwise been spent on paying someone with a degree or the knowledge to provide editor/engine support.

    Or they just don't care. It takes more time/money to have someone open up the editor to people than it does to not worry about it and keep a game closed off.