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A few of things, are they possible?

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    A few of things, are they possible?

    i probably need to learn much more before i can do anything close this type of thing, but i would like to know now if it will eventually be possible at all

    Using the UDK (not the paid Unreal engine stuff), would i be able to make things like the following? (everything as a regular occurrence in multiplayer gameplay)

    * A dog grabing an objects by biting on it, and "manipulating" it by easing the bite strength while dragging the object against somthing, physicly (like for example, bite a stick by one end, then rotate it in the mouth 'til it's the other end that is being bitten on), all by physics, no faking it. The motion of the head/neck and jaws not pre-programed, but "puppeteered" live by the player.

    * That dog with the stick in it's mouth, poking a button with the stick and having the button work.

    * The dog biting on a humans clothing (or bodypart) and dragging the human, no faking it, all by physics.

    * A human hugging another human and managing to pull the other human simply by walking backward and not releasing the hug, no faking it, all by physics.

    * The waving tail of the dog hitting somthing light enough (say an empty soda can) and bumping it away, no faking it, all by physics.

    * Animate the motion of the dog by script (somthing like moving the paws in a circle in the right sequence and timming, with IK for the legs)

    * Smart motion over arbitrary terrain (like, automaticly crouching if the ceiling is too low, jumping over an obstacle if there is enough speed, raising the leg more if there is a big obstacle in front, kicking a wall if the inertia towards the wall is too much and you're trying to move a different way (like trying to do a wall-walk), changing the walking pattern when going down or up a steep incline, attempting to keep the feet on a thin path when there is a big fall on each side etc . Basicly a semi-automatic body motion AI that adapts a basic set of script defined motions to the geometry of the surroundings, including almost parkour/acrobatic moves.

    * Easily customizable controls, including multiple joysticks axes (the more the better)

    * Physical skeleton, i mean, all the motions would be done by applying forces to the bones and letting the physics engine decide how the motion would be (like, if there is a heavy obstacle in the way it wouldn't let the arm move all the way, but if the obstacle isn't too heavy the arm would attempt to push it).

    * Identifying which bodypart was hit, by what and with what strength (at least a per bone map plus direction/global position of the contact, but more resolution across the body would be better.

    * Rendering somthing like a copy of the player body, motion and all, on the HUD.

    *Drawing simple textures in real time according to instructions on scripts.

    * Characters loosing bodyparts, the dismembered member becoming a ragdoll-like

    * Player "avatar", the model used for the player character, customizable with morph targets, including changing size and proportion of bones, as well as blending of different textures.

    *Dynamic script defined compositing of textures (like, if someone gets scratched in the face the script would draw a couple of strokes in the alpha channel of the skin layer showing the flesh layer underneath, and everyone playing would see it)

    * Besides the skeleton motion, the characters would move reacting to the surrounding's geometry, with the skeleton reacting as described previously, so for example, the dog going down stairs, if the steps aren't too big in proportion to the dog's legs, would move somewhat smoothly downwards, with the head lower than the tail.

    * Tearable, per player, customizable clothing, that can be changed during gameplay

    I'm probably forgetting somthing

    edit: i knew i was forgetting stuff

    * Combining the rendering of more than one camera, preferably with alpha-masking (so i can make a smooth transition from the image of one camera to the image of another)

    this is probably not the only thing i forgot though...

    I overlooked that... and if you are into coding.. I think it's possible.
    Many of your question are pure animation and modelling.
    The scratches on the character can be added trough hits.
    If your character gets hit the part changes for a scratched one. The simple way.
    customizable Cloth is also trough modelling several cloth possible.
    Rendering a copy of the character should be simple.

    and so on. work with udk and unrealscript and you possibly will get what you want.


      i would rather be able to do the compositing live instead of having several variations saved, would that be possible?

      And the clothing, would it be possible to load an image file for the clothing texture, after the game is already packaged and all? And to make the clothing be tearable, like if the character is hurt somwhere with clothes over, pieces of the clothes fall off and there is a hole/tear on the clothes there ?

      The animations stuff is more actually scripted physical movements and reaction to arbitrary geometry of the surroundings, not simply a premade set of animations to choose from, but adaptive motion generated by script.