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    Great stories for inspiration...

    I have been drawn to the classics as a source of material to inspire ideas for a game. One story in particular that strikes me as perfect is a modern interpretation of Don Quixote.

    For those who do not know, Don Quixote is a story about an elderly man whose obsession for the Medieval romance of knighthood is so great he has become delusional and actually belives he is a knight who fights giants (windmills in reality)

    Modern/Game interpretation:

    Obsessive MMORPG player plays games so much with so little sleep that he suffers a psychosis and believes he is actually the hero he plays in the game. Sets off in his own neighborhood slaying dragons and saving damsels in distress. The game could end in a similar fashion to Don Quixote, that in the end when he gains his senses, his actions were indeed heroic and that although out of his mind there is something worthwhile in wanting to be something better....

    Post your own ideas interpreting a game from classic literature!

    There's a reason they call them the "classics"!


    PS take a look at this woodcut, great stuff!

    I don't read that much classic, well I don't read any classic.
    But situations, a conversation and so on are inspering me.
    Anyway, your player gets delusion things reminds me of a conceptstory I was writing down which I wanted to write a book but in the end I began a other.

    Well anyway the concept is simple: It's about a usual guy who finds out about gaming and is getting himself a MMO. In the character creation it jumps over to the view of the character who is srsly paniced because a guy is changig his appearence and gender, also watching him all the time. Well the character just has the controll over his mind and not his body... in which time it's getting more and more depressed and commenting about the world around him, the pain that he suffers and so on.
    In the beginning the changes are fast. First the player and after a short period of "storytime" he turns of the computer and is socializing and so on.
    Well.. after some time the changes are getting more and more longer periods. In which case the characters time is increasing and the players time is increasing.
    In the end the character thinking and the players thinking are merging which would be shown trough the change that the perspective is descriped how the players is seeing it but the way he is thinking and talking like the character. the end would be a heartache and the dead of the player.

    I know.. it's a pretty hardcore end and it wouldn't be good for the gamer scene.. but it was just a idea.. I'm not thinking like that about gamer.


      hardcore and kinda depressing... But as a story, it has merit. Good movie perhaps. I don't think the gaming public is in business of buying those kind of games... At least not yet..