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    I don't think any of you are grasping what I'm saying. All I'm saying is that it would not cost that much for them to provide more assets/content to the community. And it would benefit both parties if they did so.

    Don't get all butt-hurt and defensive about what I'm saying. Geez!

    You all seem to think that it is in their best interest to only cater to an audience that has the time to learn how to model, rig, texture, animate, export, package, etc.

    I personally disagree. It would be better for their business to do more, and as I've already explained it would be cheap to do as well.

    If your issue is that I'm complaining, then it looks like you picked the wrong day to troll the forums because that's what they are for; asking questions and complaining about ***** you think should be changed.

    Also, I'm not sure how a pep-talk about hard work seemed like a good use of your time, but to each his own. I actually work 80 hours a week and frankly don't want to spend the rest of that week learning how to model in 3D. I have fun building levels. You clearly have fun modeling and texturing and animating and exporting blah blah blah. Again, to each his own. If you don't understand why I don't like that ***** after the third post of me explaining it to you then just go somewhere else. Maybe it would be more helpful if someone explained it in person to you. It shouldn't be too hard to find someone that doesn't have time (or doesn't care) to learn all that stuff. Just talk to the next person you see.


      It would be completely in their best interests for someone in their position to provide model packs. Other commercial engines do for a price of top of what you pay for an engine license. But not Epic. Those jerks gave people a near-million-dollar engine for free and they deserve criticism (not constructive in any way, mind you) on their forums complete with red unhappy faces on threads because they won't go further.

      Their offices are staffed by people who started off making mods and maps for other games in years past just like we are now and they don't care about the little guys: those of us who work and have a hobby of making games/mods/maps and don't have the time to learn how to make stuff to import.


      Seriously though, it'd be great if they did provide more. I'd love it myself because I, like you, have no idea how to model or create art assets outside of UDK nor do I have the time to sit up all night and learn. But they don't right now and maybe they never will. We wouldn't be in this forum category if they didn't give us the engine to complain about.

      If you want models and textures go to someone who does provide some instead of wasting time demanding them from a talented group of people who gave you so much (and at one point had to decide not to give out free asset packs or let people use UT3/GoW stuff due to legal issues) already and are obviously working on other things while not swimming in their cash like Scrooge McDuck.


        @dehron: I don't think you grasp what they are talking about.
        Anyway, I think they are providing enough just in the UDK Package.

        I don't know, but you don't seem like you have experience in the industry atleast not in game-design/leveling. Because Engines like Irrlicht, Horde3D, BlitzBasic, Darkbasic, Unity3D and so on don't provide even nearly that much as UDK does.

        Also UDK ist for people who want to make a game by themself and on top of that. If that what is given trough UDK is not enough for you when I suggest you to stop trying to learn.

        btw. all the people who are saying this stuff had to learn this stuff too so don't assume they don't know how people feel, stressed about how to get the system running and so on.

        If you don't have time to learn game-design when don't do it... omg what are you.. a kid? srsly.. isn't it just normal that if you want to learn something with that much depth you have to invest time... if you don't have the time don't do it. End of the story.. srsly man behave like you are grown up...

        You are writing like a troll in here. This is my first and last post to that thread because "DO NOT FEED THE TROLL!"