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On "silly" questions and responses to them

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    On "silly" questions and responses to them

    We've all seen some very silly and outright stupid questions posted here on the forums (and elsewhere too). I know it sometimes is infuriating to see questions such as "where can I get models for my game?" or "how do I make a game with UDK?". On the other hand sometimes it is infuriating to see responses such as ":facepalm:", "you're an idiot", "get outta here you numbnut", "this is too hard for you" or anything comparable.

    Just posting this to say that eventhough some people might make silly and simple and stupid questions, it is not that nice to answer like a gradeschool kiddie with bad mouthing and other idiocy. Sometimes/mostly it makes you look like a bully with no other intention than to destroy the self confidence and community spirit on these boards. I hope everyone at least takes the time to explain why the question was silly and why the asker is being redirected elsewhere or why no one is even answering or answering with afore mentioned childish comments.

    Of course trolls and other idiots who make stupid questions on purpose are another thing. But remember that not everyone eager to try their hands on making games have gone through years of training nor have prefessional experience. Let's keep up the community spirit and help the new folks to the answer in a good manner or find something fitting for their skill level or explain why the task at hand is out of the question for the asker.

    For newbies:

    Don't be affraid to ask questions, but be sure you've searched for an answer first. The forum search is a good way to get information on various topics and problems. Remember to check out the Unreal Tournament 3 section of these forums as UT3 and UDK are basically on the same platform with little difference, which means most tutorials for UT3 work for UDK too.

    If searches yield no results, it is okay to post a question. But be sure to thoroughly explain the situation and what you have already tried to solve the problem. If it is code-related, post snippets of code and perhaps submit compiled classes we can try on our UDK builds. If it is level design/modeling/animation related, post images and videos of the problem and we can see what is wrong (you can supply us with whole levels we can view in our editors and play in the UDK too).

    A good question is bound to get more answers too. But don't be affraid about "will my question look silly?" or "I bet no one will answer my question". If you post the question, other people with the same problem at hand will get a starting point to get the problem solved. This way collaborative problem solving gets easier too.

    Don't worry if english is not your native language, we will ask if there is something we don't understand. In a desperate situation, we surely do have someone who can translate. But please, instead of posting in your own language first, try to translate it to english or state in your post that you have a problem and its difficult for you to say it in english properly. Some posts and users have been removed as spambots and such for posting in their native language without trying to translate it, as the moderators have not understood the message and decided it was a foreing ad or something.

    Sorry for "off-topic" but I needed to get this out here.

    (I know I've aswered silly questions wrong, and I've too asked the silly questions myself, but I hope this board gets better and the community stays friendly. Nothing worse than a forum full of newbies trying to get help from idiots who know the solution but keep it to themselves on reason of "what a stupid question, no way I'm helping that dumbass".)


    What may seem silly to one person may not be to another, for instance: how do I make a Game in UDK? the person may not be asking for a hand in hand walk through, but maybe asking for a simple work flow, it's just how you interpret the Question.

    Remember the person you may be talking to, may not be a "Dumbass" he just ask something that looked silly after he had posted, I have done it many times, and probably will many more times, but being civil to one another has made many friends in these forum, that same person may be the one to help you in the future.

    All the very best.



      Thank you,

      I am new to UDK, after ditching radiant. Sometimes from my end it is simply not knowing the correct question to ask. Either it be I don't know the terminology, don't know the mode, or just not knowing the prerequisite information of what Im asking to get to the final result of what I want. I am glad you made this post. Maybe I will ask a question soon(haven't yet) but I want to be resourceful(be a go getter).


        Welcome BoddieBagger. Sometimes asking "something else" might help you get to the answer. Compare: "how can I create AI?" and "how can I spawn an AI character?". Both questions with different scope may get you to the same point very well. Often times making the question more specific helps loads more than a vague question which asks too much at a single time.

        Good luck and happy developing with UDK!