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Realtime road creation?

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    Realtime road creation?

    Hi, again everyone!

    I am just wondering it is possible to create roads on a terrain in real time(for example like in Black&White2, Egypt, Caesar, Anno).

    Either texture painting or actual creations of road static meshes (although I think that the 1st method is much better) to follow the terrain exactly and have the ability to be referenced by scripts.

    For example like in this video:

    The main question here is whether it is possible, not necessary how to do it.


    You can blend road texture into terrain material with simple b/w mask. Question is if there is a way to modify that texture mask in real time. You also could use vertex color to blend road, but then again question is if we can access vertex colors in runtime.

    Scripted textures do not work for now.


      Another possible option is to use decals. Probably a better solution then static meshes but suffers from similar performance problems.


        Decals are effectively static meshes as far as rendering is concerned - meshes would probably be easier to program with, however.


          Thanks for the replies! I don't know how to use decals, but that sounds interesting!

          As for static meshes - I was thinking that if it is static meshes, then it would not be too much of a problem, as long as the surface is flat, with no elevation variation. So for the level I am working on, I have to make sure that only the flat areas allow building on them, I guess, because the road static meshes will not connect together properly if built over a hill, etc.


            Thanks for sharing xnasorcerer, not quite what I am looking for, but could come in handy!