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[Just Curious] A Heroes of Might and Magic Game

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    [Just Curious] A Heroes of Might and Magic Game

    I'm pretty new to UDK, right now I'm working myself trough the 3dBuzz videos. (and sry for my bad english ;D).

    Anyway, some of you may know the game "Heroes of Might and Magic", I'm curious about how the move/battle system may look like in UDK.

    I don't have expierience in making games or using a script language, I can just assume how it works.
    I think it could be like this(trough using kismet with much extra coding):

    Topdown and the world is open to run "anywhere" you want. Foresttype scenario in which you can't go trough a forest just trough it's openings.
    Anyway.. you run and run and encountering a goblin model. Trigger is firing off and changing the camera to a pre-defined battle-field. You + your company are checked and spawned one after another on pre-defined spawning-fields, the goblin bunch are also checked and spawned.

    So I think the 3D Buzz "Goal" tutorial could be perfect for the encountert goblin. Can anyone approve that?

    The fightsystem is another thing, I think that must but coded trough unrealscript(?.. I don't know ), any ideas on that are welcome.

    I'm not thinking about creating something like that.. I need to learn the howl thing, right now building my first puzzle game.
    But if you could give me a hint how that howl thing works I could progress faster.

    I created this thread in gerneral discussion because it could be more opinions about that.

    Thanks for helping!