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    I'd be willing to bet that it's a lot more costly actually to get your game into XBLA than into some kind of PS3 form.


      to evilmrfrank)the only reason the xbox is easier to develop for is because devolpers had over a year to learn how to develop for that console and so when the wii and ps3 came out it was like being exposed to alien technology.

      And also wat if the game got out to lets say activision and they decided to publish it then epic and activision and sony would get money plus the designer would get recognition. maybe epic would pull some strings if the game was good enough.and if they were able to give any way for you to transfer games to your ps3(and maybe xbox) then all you would have to do is map the controls to from the pc's keyboard on to the controls(i.e mouse=right analong, asdw=left analong) then it rely wouldnt be so hard to make the game for any console(except wii).

      (to hitpaws) i agree with everything u said about the consoles except the wii being a dust collecter. i still play my wii and even though the only games worth having are those that nintendo makes(publishes) third party developers are gaining the grasp of using the wiis motion control. have u seen cod and madden nfl10. they look fun and cod has the same spirit of control as a pc if u shake then the pointer shakes and madden nfl has mini games to add fun to interceptions and wat not.

      (to epic if u read this) u should rely think about making the script to porting games made from pc to ps3 and maybe xbox so it would be easier to get your game noticed and maybe get a publisher or two. you would get money and free avertising since third party devolpers would be able to see wat the unreal engine could do and the people who made the game would be recognized as true talent and be given job opportunities or even the chance to make a third party develping company that would make games using the unreal engine so you would get even more money. this is all wishful thinking but i kno that the magazine gamepro is (or was) willing to advertise and put your name out there so companys would publish your game. I kno this because they did advertise a normal everyday persons game creation on there magazine with an interview. sony would be glad to publish a game as long as they knew it was going to make a profit so would microsoft. and maybe they would let people make games for there consoles specificly so the other wont get it and not charge money to put it up to download as long as it was only on there platform. the udk is a game developers dream and full out games wouldnt be to hard to make as long as u can get voice acters and people have already made games and put them out for download and so it rely wouldnt take years aslong as you are good enough with the udk and have one or two friend helping u make the game. plz take this to consideration.


        irul12, you obviously have no idea how things work or how the gaming industry works. There is no script to port games over from PC :B PS3 could have been out 5 years before both wii and 360 and still not be easier to make games for.


          okay ill give u that. i didnt know there wasnt a script to port games but either way your wrong about the xbox being easier to make games for even if the ps3 has been out 5 years before. the only reason the xbox would be easier to make game for is that pc games could be ported to the xbox and not have any kind of lag time while playing online. The fact that xbox has had more shelf time has given developers more time to learn how to make games for that system. If your theary is correct then you'll need proof. What I just said comes from commen sense and that most developers almost abondond the ps3 because it was harder to make games for it since they were used to making games for the xbox and pc(pc has been around for ages so for a developer to be able to make games for pc is embarresing).

          thank you