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    Indie game development resource/teamspeak channel

    Mazea Kore Indie Dev Teamspeak

    I've been quietly working behind the scenes to help promote independant game developers for quite some time now, and I have recently launched a 24 hour teamspeak service to help indie development teams to communicate over the net. It is designed to allow you to network with other indie devs, give and receive support on indie game topics, discuss ideas, and to just hang out and socialize with other developers.

    Unreal and UDK are hot topics of discussion, but we also support other major indie game topics such as c++/python/briskvm/c# programming, as well as the many game development packages supported by those languages. We discuss and help each other daily on 3d modeling, rigging, animation, texturing, and design.

    All Indie devs interested are welcome. To join in and begin, just browse to or the link on top of this post and follow the set up instructions.

    General netiquette rules apply, although we are extremely laid back.

    Mi casa es su casa, hope to see you all there.