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What about hundreds of small tutorials.

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    What about hundreds of small tutorials.

    I had this idea last night what do you guys think of it?

    What if there were lots of really small easy to do tutorials for every action needed. These tutorials would be roughly a page long and super specific.

    For example:
    How to make an object rotate.

    I would also be good for specific areas like the material editor, Cascade, Matinee and kismet to have a lot of different tutorials making specific things.

    For example:
    Kismet: how to attach a camera to the actor.
    Cascade: how to make a warp core explosion
    Cascade: how to make a laser beam
    Cascade: how to make an explosion

    Here is an example tutorial for 3ds max on tutorialized.

    I think it would be good for the UDK to have similar style tutorials. What do you think?

    Yes that would be really great, atm few people are doing small tutorials ,there's few about making fire/explosion on youtube and i also found this one Laser beam making

    would love to see warp core explosion and unrealscripting tutorials.


      What would also be good too is material editor tutorials.

      How to make realistic water
      How to make a waterfall
      How to make good rocks


        When I get deeper on my project I'll most probably begin collecting snippets of code which are useful in general... Will be handy for the beginners and a good reference for future projects.