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    Posting Images

    Hi Folks,

    If you are posting images larger than 600 x 600 px, please use the screenshot BB code to post your images:

    [shot]your image url[/shot]
    An easier way to do it is to use the screenshot button you'll find on the advanced editor:

    Also remember:
    -Do not use BMP files because of the large file size
    -keep your file sizes to a reasonable level. Some of the images posted take a very long time to load. You can use an image editor to optimize them if necessary

    Thank you for your cooperation, we love seeing your work!

    Thanks, I was wondering this my self, I been using imageshack autoThum to compensate but I figured there was a (img) override with a resize in it.

    Is there any other tags we should know about?


      Hi Sir, we just use the standard BBCode other than that. The screenshot code is our only custom code.

      You can see a full list here:

      *edit: Of course, some of the features will not work on these forums, such as signature pictures.