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    UDK Site Done

    Hey guys

    We have now finished updating our UDK orientated site
    It will be a site where you can download or watch stream video tutorials for editing and working
    with the UDK.

    Right now all of the 3D Buzz Video's can be watched on-site or downloaded in MP4 format
    from 3 locations in either the USA, Germany or The Netherlands all 100mbit. And you can
    download the UDK 2010 01 Beta.

    Right now the site lacks resources such as custom packages, static meshes and the likes but
    we intend to enrich the database with it soon.

    So if you made something awesome be it a package or a single static mesh and you are looking for
    a place to host it i can give you your own space on the site where you can do whatever you want
    basically as long as it doesn't infringe any copyrights.

    Or if you made quality video tutorials and think youtube lacks quality for hosting them, then
    feel free to send me the video's in whatever format you please and i'll put it up on the site
    under your own personal category. Links and credits will always be included properly naturally.

    You can submit files too, video's and stuff over here. Guest postings are enabled so
    you don't have to register, filesize max is 64MB.

    I will make move them to the udk site asap.

    I hope you guys like it

    Greetz zunnie