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Questions about liscencing

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    Questions about liscencing

    Ok heres my questions and issues atm and need some answers .

    ok questions i see all the time "can i make an mmo/rpg in udk"
    answer of course but you would need cusom server code so the engine can handle more then the aloted 64 slots

    can you load dll files for features not set in UDK

    answer of course but you may want a liscense to do so?

    There is litterly very little and very vague clear answers on these
    I emailed Epic to ask them what you get when you liscense your copy

    there response is the liscens is only so you can make your game commercial
    there is no source code or documentation with this.

    so i guess what im saying is it worth it if you cant make customer servers to handle more then 64 players

    is it worth it if you cant modify the code to your likeing I could be wrong on these issues but how would you even add more then 64 players or add more features such as dll loading and such if the liscene only intails that you can sell your product.

    am i looking at this wrong if so please let me know and give me some insite on what i need to do to do the things i want because i want to purchase a lisence well prob about 4-8 so i can get a team going programers scripters and so on . am i going to be able to customize it to my likeing or am i just not finding the right method to add more players or do i need my own server that can read and send to unreal dev kit engine so i cam put more then 64 players in? do you guys understand what im saying, am i limited to only what it has to offer with no customizablility or am i looking at this wrong?

    Legit questions jsut want some better answer then i got and im not knocking epic becaue the engine is amazing but what im looking at is the the right engine for me to go foarward and put the time and money into.

    I'm having a little trouble understanding you, but I'll try to answer.

    I believe the root of your confusion is that there are three difference products/licenses that are commonly discussed:
    - The UDK non-commercial license (free, gives you access to everything UDK comes with including DLLBind and all the UT3 assets, but you can't make money from your game).
    - The UDK commercial licenses (a couple of different pricing schemes, you can't use the provided UT3 assets. You can make money from your game).
    - The UE3 license, which gives you full source access to the engine. This makes DllBind redundant as you can integrate your dlls and other code directly into the engine. Very expensive apparently.

    Theoretically you can integrate an alternative netcode into UDK with DLLBind - you lose all the benefits of UDK's networking support of course, and it will be a big job. It would probably be easier with a UE3 license and full access to the engine, but given the cost that may not be an option for you.


      There is no difference between the UDK and the commercially licensed UDK besides the fact that you can sell it.


        Episodal releases

        Hi all,

        I have a question regarding building a single player game and releasing it in episodes. Would each release be treated seperately by the EULA & licensing fee?

        In other words, would we be able to get the "0% royalty on you or your company's first $5,000 (US) in UDK related revenue" per episode?


          Probably, since each episode would need a separate installer.


            I don't think so. As revenue earned by selling services regarding UDK is also subject to the royalty bearing license.
            It would be best to contact Epic Games at


              it seems to me that "UDK related revenue" would include any number of games that you might release, not a per-game.